Raw Cotton Australia has pioneered a way to allow farmers to sell cotton post-ginning.


Benefits to farmers include:

  • Access to many buyers and a more liquid market

  • Avoid merchant P&D sheets

  • No pressure to sell unless it suits the farmer

  • Cotton can be stored at competitive rates

  • Eliminate payment risk by selling on your own terms

  • Selling options include: market orders, tendering, online selling, or - simply selling to your preferred merchant by negotiation

  • Ability to segregate cotton into specific qualities and quantities (including container lots)

  • Access to Raw Cotton Australia's market knowledge in relation to value for various grade-types

So how does the process work?

Using the Raw Cotton Australia platform is simple.


In the same way a farmer would normally allocate pre-sold bales to a merchant at ginning time - they now have the option to simply allocate unsold bales to Raw Cotton Australia.

Raw Cotton Australia then pays for ginning and arranges for immediate movement of the farmer's bales to the (closest) warehouse locations in either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.


Next; Raw Cotton Australia finances the costs associated with moving, storing and selling farmer bales; including freight and handling, classing, insurance, and storage.


Raw Cotton Australia charges a flat fee for associated marketing and management costs.


As soon as classing results are in - a farmer can now sell at his leisure and in his preferred way.