Raw Cotton Australia was founded in 2015 with a view to 'shake up' the existing cotton supply chain in Australia and create value for buyers and sellers. 


Raw Cotton Australia is wholly owned by Rain Agribusiness Pty Ltd.



Rain Agribusiness is an Australian commodity marketing business owned by Tim Whan, Ian Grellman, and Peter Horton.


For several years the experienced team have been helping Australian farmers and end users to better understand the supply chain and extract more value from it.

For more: visit www.rainag.com.au


One of the biggest concerns voiced by Australian cotton farmers is the size of the discounts received for below-base-grade cotton delivered against a forward contract...


... the only way to get around this is for farmers to sell their physical cotton on the spot market, and, before Raw Cotton Australia - this option did not exist.


We started the company to fill that gap in the market and give Australian cotton farmers the ability to be able to sell post ginning and extract full market value for their product.


In addition, we have now given buyers the opportunity to purchase cotton directly from farmers in one easily accessible marketplace.